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ode à rotina

sobre o feio e o bonito. a minha rotina é ler.



One of the most passionate and heartfelt novels ever written,Wuthering Heights tells of the relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, the orphan boy her father adopted and brought to Wuthering Heights when they were children.

While Catherine forms a deep attachment to Heathcliff, her brother Hindley despises him as a rival. Heathcliff becomes torn between love for Catherine and the rage and humiliation he suffers. Finally he can stand it no longer and, in the violence of a summer storm, leaves the Heights for three years. During his absence Catherine has married, but her tormented heart belongs eternally to Heathcliff who is now prepared to exact his tyrannical revenge.

With its freedom from social convention and its unparalleled emotional intensity, Wuthering Heights is a highly original and deeply tragic work.



This is the first time I feel so insecure about rating and reviewing a book, because I think that Wuthering Heights is one of those books you either love or hate. I can't even tell you for sure what this book made me feel.

The writing is amazing, honestly! It's obviously a classic and it would be a shame if books like this simply disappear from our shelves. It felt consistent and I had no problems reading it. The characters were very fleshed out, they were strong and captivating. I'm not really sure about the POV, I guess it could have been made would be interesting to have access to the real feelings and thoughts of the characters with another type of narrator. I wasn't especially interested in Lockwood and even if I liked Nelly, maybe first person is just not my type of narration. 

Wuthering Heights is kind of a suffocating book. You end up in their world, having a very personal perspective about everything. I suffered reading some parts, particularly with Linton and the young Catherine. Heathcliff is a brutal man and I hated him from the start, Catherine (the first) is equally hateful. Well, if you're reading the book expecting to find charming and generous protagonists, then you're at the wrong place. I always thought that maybe they were that kind of character that you're suppose to hate, but you find yourself loving them anyway; maybe they would have reasons to be bad and you would ultimately forgive them because of those. No, that's not what happens here.

Even if most of the characters are pure evil, you have Edgar Linton, Ellen Deans and even Catherine Linton who loves her father unconditionally and sacrifices herself because of her selfish cousin. 
They always say that the reader must create empathy with the main characters but I disagree strongly. I didn't feel empathy with Heathcliff, not even slightly, and I still think he's a great character, very well written and hoped he and Cathy would be together - after all, they deserve each other.

My favorite characters were Hareton, the kind and smart boy who were turned into an uneducated and violent man because of Heathcliff's cruelty, and Miss Cathy Linton because of the duality of her personality.

I understand that people who suffered from domestic violence or had a troubled family will most probably dislike this book. I have to confess that I hated the first few pages myself. But it's a great book and it proves that literature does not have to be about kind's about a sick, possessing love and it doesn't try to hide that fact. They all felt real to me and it shows a different side to the human being that we're not used to see in novels.

As I said before, you either love or hateWuthering Heights. Nevertheless, it's a brilliant piece of art and you should at least try it.



5 out of 5 stars

Retirada daqui.

Os livros que usei foram A Estrela Maldita de Anthony Horowitz, O Monte dos Vendavais de Emily Brontë, O Padrinho de Mario Puzo, Harry Potter e o Prisioneiro de Azkaban de JK Rowling e Eclipse de Stephenie Meyer. Eu sucko e tenho poucos livros em casa, todos eles muito inapropriados para apocalipses.



1. A primeira pessoa a morrer.

Matthew Freeman. Damn it! Tinha imensa fé nele para me ajudar.


2. A primeira pessoa que traio para me salvar.

Mister King. No problem.



3. A primeira pessoa que transformo em zombie.

Ellen Dean. Socorro, I'm so sorry.


4. A pessoa que me trai para se salvar.

Cathy Linton. Estava à espera que fosse o Heathcliff.



5. O idiota da equipa.

Fanucci. Eu não sei quem é este indivíduo, mas acho que era uma personagem secundária.


6. O cérebro da equipa.

Don Corleone. So far so good.



7. O médico da equipa.



8. O especialista em armas da equipa.

Harry Potter. Hm...the boy who lived...vamos ver se faz justiça ao nome.



9. O lutador da equipa.

Maria. Uma vampira psicótica na equipa, just great.


10. O líder da equipa.

Jacob Black. Isto vai acabar mal.